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I love walking the dogs solo. Dennis and I have been playing leap frog over the low wooden barriers along the pathway, weaving over them and leaping zigzags along them. He has a pretty good "over" cue and responds to my shoulder/arm movements pretty well. It makes me want to do agility with Den, but I am really enjoying our outdoor obstacle courses. He will run along cement meridians and rock walls, leap onto perches and fallen trees. We went to the dog park today with Terra and River and they ran forever. Dennis is black all over from River's muddy paws.


I took Monster out on the flexi *gasp* with a short leash in my pocket in case it was busy outside. We had the best walk doing distance sit/stays and down/stays. The flexi allows her more freedom to move with me and away from me. Monster has a really great send out and I am using the length of the flexi to work on sending her out and sharpening her recall to heel on my left. We also played some find it in the long grass. I played some LAT with her and got her to use her brain. Some kid had left their bike on a lawn and from afar it looked like a big shepherd type dog. I thought it was someone's dog until I saw the glint of metal. Monster and I played LAT and slowly got closer until she literally huffed at the bike and shook off once she realized it was just a bike and then totally played "I dunno why you were so interested Mum, it's juuust a bike, duh!" I had to chuckle. Silly collie.


Now I am curling up in bed with RABID. So far so good!


Color me tagged

Pet store in Burnaby. I need a NO DOGS and NERVOUS for my two.

Heels, Books and Life

So the pair of black heels that I bought desperately need an insole. They are the kind of shoes that stretch out fast and I already have really long skinny feet. I'm an 8 narrow. I am pretty happy I keep black dress flats in my desk at work, because there's no way I can wear these too big for me heels all day. *pout* Guess I am making a stop at Stupidstore after work.

I worked the Sunday shift yesterday and T met me afterwards for lunch at The Wired Monk. We had delicious mediterranean veggie sandwiches and then decided to go to Jacob and Smart Set. T is *not* a shopper. She recently went through a big physical change - shed 50lbs and so she is very uncomfortable shopping for herself because fitted clothes terrify her. I absolutely love to shop with/for other people so I ended up help her find a few things. One of which was a classic black pencil skirt and a fitted white blouse for the office. I found myself a charcoal blazer for $20 and picked up two undershirts for $6 each - one white and one cream. I always layer tank tops so I tend to go through undershirts really quickly.

Afterwards, I came home and took the dogs to the big fields of nothing to let them run like idiots. There have been a lot of coyotes and bunnies in the fields lately so after running their crazies out, the dogs spent half an hour sniffing every inch of the small clearing we like to loiter in.  Came home and tidied up a bit as well as set up my week's wardrobe in the bathroom so that I don't tear my room apart looking for things every am.

Stopped in at Superstore and picked up some fruits/veggies and yogurt. I ended up wandering down to Chapters where I found a new book to read. It's called RABID and it's a cultural history of the rabies disease written by a veterinarian and a journalist. It has a lot of anthropological and sociological terminology. I am super excited to read it. I have a large interest in zoonotic disease and anthrozoology. Most of my textbooks for Sociology and Anthropology are largely dog-eared, highlighted and have handwritten notes in the columns of any sections on disease or human-animal conflict/paradigms. I get giddy. I lap it up.

I guess I'm fascinated because it's a direct connection to folklore and the myths/legends of Vampires and Werewolves. Rabies is the historical beginning.

I'm hoping RABID doesn't disappoint.

Sunday Snuggles

I love these shots. Dennis and Monster have really bonded and Den's personality continues to shine. He is hilarious now that he's adopting some of his sister's quirks..like the shark and upside down smiles. He makes my heart sing. I love my puppies.


Retail Therapy

Got up early and walked the dogs over to Matty's for a quick visit. Matt massaged the giant kink out of my neck from sleeping like an idiot last night. Holy ow! My mom came over today with her vaccuum and Remi for some cleaning & puppy time. We tidied up my place and went to the mall on the premise of grocery shopping next door. Turned into coffee and some *major* retail therapy. I rarely clothes shop - my essentials are tank tops, hoodies and yoga pants. I don't wear heels much or have many nice clothes (work stuff aside, but even then I'm casual and covered in dog hair!) and I rarely buy new clothes. I've been wanting some color/fun in my wardrobe for awhile. My mom suggested Sears and we wandered in to look for a pair of black kitten heels. I have an aversion to anything taller than two inches (I'm already 5'9 and awkward/clumsy) so when I didn't find anything at Sears I wasn't disappointed. Instead I found two super cute polka dotted shirts and a cream cardigan. Onwards to The Bay, still no shoes. Lots of gorgeous boots but all way too big or small. Instead I found a gorgeous royal blue dress and two pairs of sunglasses. My mom wanted to look at Payless for a pair of flats and so I ended up with a pair of white/navy striped heels and a super comfy pair of PERFECT black heels. Great success. I also picked up a few hair bands to match and some barrettes and socks. Okay self, no more money spending. I was right on target with $150ish spent. But I am cringing a little bit - it always feels a little ouchie to spend money these days.


Voila! Stuff.


Scored 20lbs of raw food, two cases of canned dog food (puppy) and three bags of kibble. Also scored a programmable self-feeder which I am setting up in an area for Dennis when I am at work. I am adding canned food to all of his kibble meals. He is being dewormed *again* and I am monitoring all calories for this scrawny dog. He dropped 3lbs somehow in a month. He's eating the same, exercising the same..Goddamn sighthound metabolism.




Speaking of - I am cutting a lot of processed sugars and coffee out of my diet again. I have been eating mostly gluten free without really trying but my caffeine and sugar intake has sky rocketed. I notice a definite (bad) change in my skin and the bags under my eyes. I have been sleeping pretty poorly and I feel like it is all connected.




Been doing some nice dog walks with my two in the evenings. We seem to have a nice brisk 60min loop in place. I powerwalk so our 60min loop is probably the equivalent to a 75 min walk for an average paced walker. I've also been jogging a bit with Dennis and starting to stretch for 10-15 min a night. I really need to up my water intake though - I have a giant water bottle at work but I always forget about it. I need to start drinking more water more often.




In other news, I finally booked off my vacation time(May 16-21st) and I am getting more excited for Live at Squamish in August. (August 7-10th) I have April 4th and May 7th off as well to speckle my next few months with some down time. I am ready for warmer weather.




I need to go clothes shopping for some spring/summer work tops (t-shirts and light/fun colored cardigans and short sleeved dress shirts and blouses. I have been pretty good with my money lately so I may splurge and give myself $150 to play with. I'm a huge bargain hunter for clothes so that would get me at least 6 shirts!




My evenings lately have consisted of cleaning, dog walks and watching Happy Endings on Netflix. Alex and I are not speaking and I am enjoying the silence. I am so emotionally checked out this month - even at work my girls have noticed I'm off my game. The new girl J has been super sweet - dropping coffee at my desk and bringing me cadbury dark chocolate in on a particularly bad day. T, E and K have all been working really hard to pull some of my stress off my shoulders and lending a hand when I need it. I really really am so lucky and thankful to work with such amazing women. We are a really good group who gets along *really* well. R still throws a wrench in every once in awhile and BT (Boss T) does too but overall the office is running so smoothly. We are slowly getting back into busy season [Feb-March is slow] but come May-August when we are prepping for the Tradeshow we will be SO busy. I am away the weekend before Show and I'm a teensy bit anxious about it. I am a workaholic a wee bit. :)




So happy that its finally officially spring!


Eta: Two long walks today equal one sleepy Monster

Mutt pile

Napping together until I woke them up. Love these two more and more.

North Vancouver

Taking the weekend to pamper myself and get the hell out of Dodge. Maya is with Alex all weekend and Erin has Dennis. The dogs will be spoiled rotten by their caregivers this weekend. I am pining a little bit for my dogs (falling asleep was weird!)








I caught the skytrain after work and met J at the seabus after I got myself lost on the multiple 239 buses and witnessed a minor car accident. I had a moment where I could see E laughing at me so I called J and said "Help, I need an adult!" We went back to his house and made a delicious salmon/rice dish and passed out at 10pm after watching Community and Adventure Time (very screwed up show). Went for DeDutch this morning for breakfast. Now I'm onwards to Vancouver Film School to be Becca's runway model for a makeup show. I don't know anything about it but she promised it'll be a good time.








After I'm done with Becca at VFS, I'm back in North Van to spend the evening with Adam (old friend) for some catch up time. I think we're breaking open a bottle of red and making dinner. Two fancy homemade dinners in one weekend cooked by my favorite men? Yes please. Now all I need is Matty to cook me gluten/dairy free dinner Sunday and I'll be set. I'm kind of spoiled.



Getting ready was an hour long process. Pretty crazy how much you need to do to a person's face at a professional event.

Finally a photo that shows how dainty & unlab like Den is. The dog bed is randomly outside my bathroom door because my house is full of dogs currently and all dogs slept in the living room last night. I can't do dog collars at night being jingled so to avoid RAWR at 3am guest collared dogs (and my own) sleep in the living room.


Rub my belly!</p>